If full decriminalization will protect women in prostitution from these men… why do these men want it?

     The Argument

The Nordic model? It won’t work. You can’t decriminalize women and girls but criminalize the men who buy sexual access to them. It drives prostitution underground and puts them at risk of violence. Decriminalize ALL aspects of the sex trade to protect women and girls against violence and exploitation.”

Human rights group Amnesty International is currently risking everything it stands for to endorse The Argument. But if The Argument is true, why do violent and exploitative men want decriminalization?


‘LikeRedHeads’ is the name used by a man on the Toronto Escort Review Boards (TERB). He has written over 1000 posts on the site, including reviews of the women he pays for.

He is John No.9 in The Invisible Men Project (Canada). [Read the full review here]

If the Nordic model would just facilitate him doing this to women, and full decriminalization would stop him – he must support the Nordic model. Right?


1. He petitioned against the implementation of the Nordic model in Canada (Canada’s version is known as Bill C-36).

2. He complains that criminalizing men who buy, but not the women they buy, means that prostituted women will not “lose something if they are caught with you”. If implemented then, he says it will make Canada unappealing for him. He will go somewhere else to buy, that is, to a country that where women are not protected by the Nordic model.

3. He says that the Nordic Model “could end my hobbying altogether”. Re-read his review – that comment is worth thinking about. 


Hatrick is the name used by a man on the Pacific and Prairie Escort Review Boards (PERB). He is the subject of this post, and has used prostituted women and girls in British Columbia for decades.

This wealthy man offers rides to poor young women and when they are in his car, talks them into prostitution; he uses impoverished and drug-addicted Native women he picks up on the streets; he uses homeless pregnant women, and he is extra rough with women as punishment for failure to perform to his liking.

Hatrick is John No. 8 in The Invisible Men Project (Canada): [Read the original post here. More of his reviews here and here.]

Hatrick’s actions are criminalized in Canada thanks to Bill C-36 but some police forces, one of which is Vancouver Police Department, are not enforcing it. So Hatrick is free to continue until Vancouver Police or Surrey RCMP decide they care enough about women to enforce the law.

In December 2013 however, before the current law was drafted, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the country’s remaining prostitution laws. This meant that full decriminalization of the sex industry would result if the government did not write the robust new legislation within a year. 

If full decriminalization would protect the women in British Columbia from this man, why did he celebrate when he thought the entire industry would be decriminalized?

His reaction:

“I guess I should ready the Trickmachine [his car] for an awesome cruisin’ season. It’s legal to pick up Ho’s on the streets now, Yahoo!”


Hungry101 is the username of a man who uses the Montreal Escort Review Boards (MERB). He is a fan of Montreal because young escorts are 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of the MILF’s available in the USA”. He likes travelling the world to find prostituted women/girls. 

This man knows that johns have plenty of wealth; “We Johns have big paying jobs, 401Ks, stocks and bonds. Both IRA’s and pensions…and all kinds of assets the government cannot tax us twice on”. And being a rich white man himself, he likes to help other rich white men to find the world’s poorest women. 

Hungry101 is John No.7 in The Invisible Men Project (Canada): [Read his post in full here]

Since being third world poor is key for this rich white man, he must be pro-Nordic model if it makes women vulnerable and drives them into poverty. He must also be against full decriminalization if it protects women from exploitation by men like him.

Instead, he says of Canada’s new laws:

Once the Nordic Model passes I will wait and see what the impact is and how they implement the system. I may just protest and stop coming to Canada altogether. I’ll look south of the border to hobby. I hate political correctness. A progressive law like the Nordic Model, where it is not illegal to sell and only illegal to buy, stinks of political correctness. I can see how this law would resonate with academia, the political elite, and the feminists. This is anti-white male.”


Patron is the username of another wealthy man on the Montreal Escort Review Boards (MERB). 

Like his forum friend, Hungry101, this man likes to travel to poor countries where he can spend less but get more from those he prostitutes. Patron knows that unlike rich men such as himself, women and girls in Canada don’t really benefit from prostitution. He tells the other johns, “Relatively few attractive young women really like sex well enough to be a successful prostitute and earn a lot of money. Most women have hang-ups and are just not that sexual and free spirited. Most relatively older women are shut out of this opportunity because the typical North American diet just puts too many pounds on them for them to be attractive any more”. 

Patron is John No.25 on The Invisible Men Project (Canada): [Read in full here]. 

If it’s true that laws criminalizing men would make prostituted women poorer and more vulnerable to exploitation, Patron would find it easier to get the low-price, long-term “dates” he looks for at home in Canada.

Instead, this man asks the owners of MERB, PERB and TERB to use their money to fund a legal challenge against laws that would criminalize men like him. But it is important that this should be seen by the world as coming from “sex workers”, and not the real beneficiaries – men.

He cautions;

This law will not be overturned quickly based on a suit brought by johns frustrated by their inability to openly discuss committing criminal acts. A lawsuit by sexworkers using the Bedford case as precedent is a different story”.


Jugo is the username of a man who uses the Toronto Escort Review Boards (TERB) where he has hundreds of posts to his name, including reviews of the women he pays to use.

Jugo is John No. 6 in The Invisible Men Project (Canada). [Read the original in full here]

If decriminalizing his actions would protect women from him, and the Nordic Model would not – why did he ask other johns to write to their MP’s condemning the Nordic Model (while concealing that they are johns)?

I recommend both filling out the survey and writing an email to your MP, perhaps attaching a good article condemning the Nordic model. You do not need to state you are a hobbyist in your email.” He adds, “I like the idea of a mass “signed” statement of principles […] You can create an email address without your name, for example, using gmail. Maybe the Moderators of [MERB, PERB and] TERB can help organize this somehow.”

Going back to THAT Argument

These men know exactly what they need to sexually exploit women and girls with impunity, and it’s full decriminalization.

If you advocate for what they want, Amnesty International, your organization has failed. 

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2 Responses to If full decriminalization will protect women in prostitution from these men… why do these men want it?

  1. rubyfruit2 says:

    Reblogged this on sisterhoodispowerful and commented:
    I have nothing to say about how disgusting it is that male violence and power is so blatantly glorified in this way – including by organisations who allege they stand for ‘justice’ internationally

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  2. Suzzan Blac says:

    This is not paying to fulfil any sexual need.This is paying to hate, hurt, degrade & seek kudos to validate the masculinity of these vile, pathetic, insignificant and inadequate men.

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