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“I will continue to communicate with the RCMP until I hear the officer has been instructed to not inform your family”

“The badge number, time, address,etc. just makes it easier for me to find the officer and address any potential problems; like an officer unblinkingly violating a pooners* rights and outing him to his family.” *Pooners = johns/punters The conversation below is … Continue reading

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If full decriminalization will protect women in prostitution from these men… why do these men want it?

     The Argument “The Nordic model? It won’t work. You can’t decriminalize women and girls but criminalize the men who buy sexual access to them. It drives prostitution underground and puts them at risk of violence. Decriminalize ALL aspects of the … Continue reading

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Chris Atchison – Johns’ Voice

Meet Chris Atchison Chris is a research associate at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Special interest: Johns. Chris regards himself as an expert in this area (elephant in the room) and puts himself forward as such to … Continue reading

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